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Giving you the tools and the confidence to create and inspire

Since 1921 Powermatic has been at the forefront of woodworking machinery in North America. Known as ‘The Gold Standard’, these machines certainly live up to their reputation. With new standards in design, performance and build quality, you simply have to come and see them for yourself.

A brief history lesson

The story of Powermatic Tools begins back in the 1920s when a local lumber yard manager, Leonard F. Smith Sr., began to design and build planers in his garage. While selling rough cut timber, Leonard thought that he could sell a better product by creating his own Planing machine. His first Woodworking Planers sold quickly, convincing him to drop his lumber business in favour of the manufacturing industry. In 1928, Smith launched the Powermatic Machinery Company of McMinnville, Tennessee. Since these humble beginnings, Powermatic Tools has grown into an industry leader in the woodworking machinery business, while still maintaining their roots. Powermatic continues to operate their own foundry, which helps them keep control over the materials that make up their machines.

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What makes Powermatic the Gold Standard for woodworking machinery?

With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Powermatic build machines that push the limits of engineering and design to allow you to expand your creative ability. With this in mind, they look to guarantee that their machinery is at the forefront of industrial machinery in each of the following areas.

Heavy duty construction

With their cast iron and welded steel machines, it’s plain to see why Powermatic is renowned for their heavy duty construction. The superb build quality gives the machines strength and rigidity but also provides a stable platform to complete accurate work.
Powermatic Sander - Woodworking Machinery

Forward thinking innovation

From the Accu-Fence® on the bandsaw to the Feed Logic on the drum sander, Powermatic continues to innovate new and unique ideas that are all designed not only to improve your work but also increase safety and ease of use.

Attention to detail

No stone has been left unturned on a Powermatic machine. The chromed handwheels and immaculate paintwork exude quality. Furthermore, the comparator centres on the lathes and integrated castors on the PM 22-44 show you that everything has been thought of. Where other competitors may ‘cut corners’ in certain areas, you can be guaranteed that Powermatic have not.

Powermatic Lathe - Woodworking Machinery

High performance

Powermatic build machines with large capacity, high-performance motors equipped to deal with the most demanding woodworking tasks. If you’re looking for something that will push the boundaries of your work and get the most of your abilities, you can’t look past a Powermatic.