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Give a man a FISCH and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to FISCH and you feed him for a lifetime. Well now you can do both. Enter our competition to win free FISCH bits and you can feed your chuck and drill perfect holes for a lifetime.

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The following FISCH bits are up for grabs, worth over £110…


25 Piece HSS Brad Point Drill Set

Extremely resistant with a ground centre point and spurs for precise positioning and a clean cut.

Quick Change System Forstner Bit – 25mm

Produce clean, accurate and flat bottomed holes.

Quick Change System Plug Cutter – 6mm

A plug cutter designed for cordless and hand drills with a universal quick change shank that will fit any system including Festool’s Centrotec.

Quick Change System Auger Bit – 10mm

Ground from one piece for strength, with a clean and quick cutting action.


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4 Comments on "Catch A FISCH For Free"

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How do you enter?

Rob Stoakley

Simply upload a picture in one one of the four on-line formats mentioned above, to include a description if necessary.


What formats, where?

Charlie Graves

Hi Steve,

Just above the photographs and underneath: “How to participate?” there’s a place to upload your picture.