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Hello everyone,

My name is Adrian (or ‘Tinky’ from my love of tinkering!) and I am a keen scroll saw artist having created a huge range of different items in a variety of materials from clocks and silhouettes to jigsaw puzzles and toys.

Over the coming weeks I aim to give you a general introduction to scroll sawing in the hope that for those having never used a scroll saw before, I might inspire you to give it a try yourself! For those more seasoned at the art of scroll sawing I hope I can improve your confidence as a scroll saw artist, inspire you to try something new or at the very least improve or reaffirm your skills with some of my tips and advice. Scroll sawing is a passion and favourite hobby of mine but most importantly it really is great fun!

As I aim to help and answer as many of your questions as possible please leave a comment below with any topics you might like to see me cover in a future post and I’ll do my best to include them in my blog post series.

Until then (and to whet your appetite), please take a look at my recent review of the excellent Excalibur Scroll Saws range:

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Martyn Booth

hi adrian can you advise me, ive just purchased a excalibur 16″ scroll saw from axminster and i seem to be getting a lot more vibration than i was expecting is that normal? ive also been trying to tune up the forward back movement of the blade, as a fellow excalibur owner can i ask how much forward backward movement should they be of the blade at best in your experience.any advise apreciated