Like most woodworkers, I’ve gradually collected a number of power tools, all of which have proved to be useful, even if my old Lamello C2 biscuit jointer doesn’t get much of an airing these days. Whatever sort of tool I eventually buy, there’s always a slight nagging worry about connecting the dust extractor.

The situation is helped somewhat because years ago, I bought a Numatic Stepped Hose Reducer or to use its shortened form, a ‘Numred’ which conveniently fitted the 32mm hose on my old Axminster WV100 extractor.

The Numred has the benefit of being made from fairly soft, squishy rubber and, being stepped, it can be fitted quite easily into or over some power tool extractor ports, such as the small oval one on the C2.

But not all, and therein lies the issue.

Taking one brand as an example and like many other users, I’ve grown addicted to Festool products. Once you’ve had one, it doesn’t stop there so that it becomes all too easy to dream about accumulating a whole raft of their power tools. Thus far, I have a second hand, original Mk1 Domino jointer, palm sander, TS55 track saw, 14.4V power drill and OF1400 router.

Festool have also developed an excellent series of power tool extractors (and hoses etc) complete with all the ‘bells and whistles’ which are, naturally enough, designed to fit their equipment. Like all their gear, it comes at a price which, if you’re like me, you may be disinclined to pay, especially if you’ve got a decent extractor already. But a couple of my Festool power tools will fit Numred. The OF1400 dust connector and TS55 track saw extraction port are just the right size for a comfortable push fit, but the Domino and the RTS 400Q-Plus are obviously designed to fit one of the dedicated Festool hoses as their dust ports are far too small to even think about connecting the Numred.
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Using oddments of plastic hose, I spent several frustrating hours trying to find a way to make the two fit together and then I inadvertently stumbled on a solution. For many years, I’ve been an enthusiastic fish keeper and have oddments of old reinforced pond hose in the garden shed, one of which happened to be a short lump of 1½” stuff which is a perfect fit for the Numred and even better, the inside of the hose is dead smooth ensuring a good push fit.
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The fish pond hose was still far too large for the extractor ports so I then had to find some way of packing out the gap between the two. One of the most useful things in any workshop is Duct or Gaffa Tape which is normally used in dust extraction systems, but in this instance I just used narrow strips wound around the power tool extraction outlet until the pond hose was a reasonably tight fit. To secure everything in place, I used a Jubilee Clip to crimp the whole thing tight. It may not be pretty, but it works!

For hand sanding, I use a Mirka sanding block with Abranet® sheets. I happened to have an old piece of corrugated hose of approximately the right size so I used a piece of clear plastic tubing at the sander end which fitted over both nozzles. The other end of the tube was fortunately a tight fit into the Numred.

This type of problem is bound to crop up from time to time regardless of the type of power tool or manufacturer and Festool have been quoted here purely as an example. With a little ingenuity and a dash of ‘blue sky thinking’, additionally fuelled by copious quantities of strong tea and biscuits, it’s quite possible to find a solution and at the same time, save yourself a vast amount of the hard earned ‘folding’.

I still haven’t worked out a solution to the crinkly extraction hose catching on stuff though.
More tea and biscuits needed….

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A major tool retailer, e.g. Axminster could TELL the power tool manuufacturers to get their act together and standardise on a couple of outlet sizes rather than 25 different ones. OR supply a free universal lflexible adaptor with every tool

Rob Stoakley
Rob Stoakley

Standardisation on power tool dx outlet ports would be great and save a lot angst, especially for me, but I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. As for the FREE universal flexible adaptor, you might have more success tilting at windmills..


Surely dust extraction is a basic health and safety issue, whether for professional or amateur power tool users. Customers are put at risk by manufacturers’ failure to standardise on a range of sizes and interconnections.
Bosch/DeWalt/Festool/Makita/Numatic would (rightly) be vilified for encouraging users to discard blade guards. Yet their failure to cooperate on dust extraction discourages effective deployment of protective measures. Gaffa tape is not the way to go.
Come on, Axminster, lead the way!

Rob Stoakley
Rob Stoakley

Thanks for your comment John. I would completely agree with you about the issue of dust extraction and the menace of dust in the workshop in general. However, it’s my personal opinion that we’d be on an absolute hiding to nothing in even attempting to convince these vast companies to co-operate . Even more so when you consider that they have business interests across the entire globe, including the USA…which is still imperial! It’s up to us, the users, to think laterally and make the best use of the gear that we use, which is what craftsmen and women have been doing for centuries. That said, the use of duct tape could rightly be seen as a ‘bodge’ but it’s actually one that works and works very well! Thus far, the power tools in question have been regularly used, especially the little Festool sander (which is fabulous by the way) with no sign that the Heath Robinson concoction to extract dust is about to fail.

Niall Hammond
Niall Hammond

Great idea an one that solves a very very very irritating problem I gained a few weeks ago. As you and others say there is a problem with non standard porting of dust extraction. Even it seems within a single manufacturer. Bosch make an excellent vac the GAS 35 M and an excellent portable(ish) table saw, the GTS 10 XC. One big irritation is the latter does not come with a splitter for the vac. Much more irritatingly is that the port on the blade guard does not fit either the GAS hose or any other hose I have.

So if Bosch vacs can’t support Bosch tools what hope is there?

John Murrell
John Murrell

I recently needed to attach a ‘dust extractor’ to a Power Devil Planer which has a diamond shaped outlet that nothing fits.

I used a 35mm Compression plastic waste coupling that fits standard vacuum cleaners and is available from DIY stores. I removed the ‘nut’ and sealing rings from the other end and then joined it to the planer using some large adhesive lined
heat shrink tubing that is available from electrical suppliers such as the one in Leeds.

The resultant connection is very rigid and looks as it will survive normal use.

The same technique can be used for other power tools – the only thing you need to be careful of is to use the minimum heat to shrink the heat shrink so you do not damage the plastic casing of the tool or the plastic waste fitting.

The following image shows the completed connection, I could have used a right angle fitting but a straight fitting is easier to clear if the wood chips jam up which is a risk due to the step formed by the change in shape of the connection

comment image

John Murrell
John Murrell

An alternative I have used along the same theme is to use a flexible plastic waste pipe to connect to a Delta sander. In this case the dust extraction connection was only marginally larger than the ID of the plastic waste connection. A bit of warming of the end of the plastic pipe and the terminal on the sander allowed the pipe to expand enough to slip over the power tool connection. When the pipe cooled it shrunk and produced a secure connection. No sign of it moving despite quite a lot of use. The image shows the result ( the string is only there to keep the pipe bent while it was imaged).

The flexible waste pipe is quite soft and make operating the sander with the vacuum attached easier. No problems with this clogging despite the corregated interior.
comment image

David G
David G

Use a Festool extractor nozzle, this can be bought as a spare part. If the rotating inner collar is removed a 35mm hose extractor nozzle fits perfectly. It will even connect to a Makita jigsaw if the small silicone sleeve supplied by Fein (probably part of a oscillating tool set) is slipped over the jigsaw dust port. Now l need an elegant solution to connect a Makita palm router.

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