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Introducing Crown Hand Tools newest range of ultra high performance woodturning chisels. With a combination of innovative processes and materials, Crown have discovered a unique, razor sharp blade, saving you time sharpening and giving you more time turning.

Razor sharp and ultra high performance

Crown Razor Edge Chisels

Hand forged, tempered and ground by master craftsmen in Sheffield, quality is at the forefront of every stage of Crown’s manufacturing process; from design through to the finished product.

Using the Cryogenic method of heating the steel to an extremely high temperature and then rapidly cooling it to -185°C, Crown created a chisel which holds its edge for considerably longer. They’ve combined this method with using M42 HSS steel; a material already known for its hardwearing properties and created a woodturning chisel which holds its razor sharp edge for an extremely long time before it needs resharpening.

Matched with copper black handles for a distinct finish, they’re well balanced and comfortable in the hand making for an all round high performing woodturning chisel.

Currently available in 3 bowl gouges ¼”, ⅜” and ½”.  

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So when it does inevitably need resharpening are there any special techniques it needs to retain it’s sharper for longer edge?

Laura Selhurst

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your question. The M42 chisels grind exactly the same as standard M2 gouges without any special techniques and where you can use an Aluminium Oxide Wheel, although in general they can cause a lot of sparks and have the potential to alter the temper of the chisel.
Alternatively, you can use a CBN wheel which maximises sharpness and will prolong the life of the chisel more; as it is generally cooler in use there are less sparks and won’t alter the temper of the chisel.
However, for best results we would recommend a Tormek Sharpening System, with the wheel constantly in water it will never get hot and when used with the angled jigs sharpening will always be accurate and will prolong the life of your chisel further again.

Hope this helps,

Gerhard Schwaiger

does exits or is planned to make
Crown Cryo M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges in 5/8 inch

Laura Selhurst

Hi Gerhard,

At this present time, Crown Hand Tools are not planning to expand the range of bowl gouges further, but are looking to add Spindle gouges to the range. As I noted above the 1/2″ is the inside flute size rather than outside, if you’re looking for a larger bowl gouge.


Gerhard Schwaiger

Hi Laura,
with this information I can now order a half-inch gouges and my other crown gouges get a brother. 😉
best regards,

Gerhard Schwaiger

Regarding Crown Cryo M42 Razor Edge Bowl Gouges, the next question:
Is half inch inside or outside diameter of the gouges.

Laura Selhurst

Hi Gerhard,

1/2″ is the inside diameter of the flute.

Hope this helps.

Gerhard Schwaiger

Dear Laura, thank you for your answer.
Now i have a problem, what is the correct answer ?

according Tracey Norman (Customer Service),

I am pleased to inform you that I have been investigating your query
274613 (Is half inch inside or outside diameter of the gouges) and now have extra information.

I have checked with our technical team and I can confirm that the sizes for
this gouge reflect the outside diameter.

If I can be of any further assistance please contact me.

Kind Regards

Laura Selhurst

Hi Gerhard,

Sorry for causing a problem. I think the confusion lies with it being a bowl gouge, Crown have confirmed the UK measurement of a bowl gouge is tip to tip on the flute, where with spindle gouges the measurement is taken from the bar size. So in this instance, as it’s a bowl gouge the 1/2″ is the flute size.

I hope this clears it up for you.