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The choice of a suitable abrasive paper or sanding medium is often a confusing exercise as there are now so many different types to choose from; hand sanding, for machine use, individual sheets or from a roll? Fortunately, Axminster offer a ‘one stop shop’ with our comprehensive range of Hermes abrasives and this detailed Buyer’s Guide ought to make the decision making process slightly easier.

Hand Sanding Abrasives

Perdurable Silicon Carbide (Sheet)

A lubricated silicon carbide abrasive glued to a light weight latex paper, excellent for hand sanding with grades from 80 up to 500g and sold in a pack of ten or a mixed pack of various grits.


Wet & Dry Silicon Carbide (Sheet)

A waterproof silicon carbide resin bonded paper, used for rubbing down painted and varnished finishes. Sold in grades from 80 to 2500g, either as a pack of ten or a mixed pack.

Emery Cloth (Roll)

25mm x 5m lengths of a semi open-coated ceramic/aluminium oxide mix; the traditional abrasive for ferrous and nonferrous materials, with grits from 80 to 240.


Hand or Power Tool Sanding Abrasives

Abrasives which are suitable for hand and machine sanding. All that’s required is that they be cut to size to fit the machine or sanding pad.

Perdurable Aluminium Oxide (Sheet)

Resin bonded aluminium oxide sheets for machine sanding, effective on all paints and varnishes. Grades from 40 to 240g in packs of ten or a mixed pack.

Resin Bonded Aluminium Oxide with Paper Backing (Roll)

Rolls of resin bonded Aluminium Oxide on a heavyweight paper backing, in various grits from 60 to 240. Three different types, available in a range of widths and lengths.

Resin Bonded Aluminium Oxide with Cloth Backing (Roll)

A cloth backed abrasive in 240g and 76mm wide, specifically designed to fit various models of drum sanders.

Decorator’s Abrasive (Roll)

This is an open face, free cutting abrasive specifically for painting and decorating preparation. Supplied in 10m rolls in grades from 60 to 180g.

RB406 Ultimate Abrasive (Roll)

A really excellent cloth backed, very flexible, aluminium oxide abrasive in grades from 80 to 600g and suitable for many uses; from woodturners to finishing and exotic materials in industrial productions. Available in 1 or 10m lengths and highly recommended.


Power Tool Abrasives

3777YX Abrasive (Roll)

This is a very hard wearing, cloth backed, closed coat, resin bonded aluminium oxide abrasive offering a high rate of stock removal as well as a consistent surface when used in the finer grit sizes. 102mm wide in a roll length of 25m.

Abrasive Loadings

A range of different cloth backed abrasives in grades from 40 to 180g specifically designed to fit various models of drum sanders.

Sanding Belts

Cloth backed belts in a variety of grits and lengths to suit various machines.

Velcro Backed Abrasives (Machine or Power Tool Sanding)

⅓, ½ or ⅙ Multi-Hole Abrasive (Sheet)

Resin backed, multi-hole aluminium oxide abrasives suitable for ⅓, ½ or ⅙ sheet sanders. The sheets are easily attached and removed as they use a Velcro fastening system. Depending on the size, these sheets are supplied as a pack of ten or a mixed pack and in grades from 80 to 320g.


Multi-Hole Abrasive (Roll)

The easy way to obtain exactly the correct length required. This particular abrasive has a calcium stearate which prevents dust and resin sticking to and clogging the grit. Supplied in a 115mm x 25m roll and in grades from 80 to 180g.

Multi-Hole Abrasive (Discs)

These are exactly the same material as the other Hermes Velcro backed abrasives but are intended to fit 125 and 150mm diameter sanders. In various grades up to 400g and in different pack sizes.

Turning Abrasives (Discs)

Small unperforated discs, either 50 or 75mm diameter and intended primarily for the turner. Available in grits ranging from 60 to 400 and sold in packs of ten.

Disc Sander (Discs)

A range of 305mm diameter, Velcro backed sanding discs suitable for disc sanders. The abrasive used is aluminium oxide bonded to a heavyweight paper backing. Grit sizes range from 60 to 180 and they are sold individually.


Velcro Backed Abrasive (Hand Sanding)

70 x 125mm Multi-Hole Abrasive (Sheet)

These sheets consist of high performance, resin bonded, aluminium oxide on a paper backing. They are perforated with small holes so that when connected to a suitable extractor, much of the sanding dust is removed. Each sheet is Velcro backed making it easy to attach to a hand sanding block. Available in packs of ten and in grades from 80 to 240g.


Sanding Discs (Angle Grinder)

Zirconium Discs

Extremely coarse Zirconium grits (36 to 80) for very rapid stock removal. These discs will fit all angle grinders using a 115mm diameter backing pad and they’re sold in packs of five.

Webrax Multi Clean (Disc)

These silicon carbide, glass fibre backed discs are suitable for the rapid removal of paint, rust, lacquer and varnish as well as cleaning welding seams and other heavy duty applications. The discs have an open structure and won’t clog with residual debris. The diameter is 115mm with a 22mm bore.

Four-Sided Sanding Block

These high density foam blocks are coated on four sides with silicon carbide and are ideal for rubbing down paintwork. They’re available in grit sizes ranging from 60 to 220 and measure 70x100x27mm. The sanding residue is easily washed out in warm water.

Self Abrasive Film (Roll)

These are special self adhesive films which are intended for the so called ‘scary sharp’ method of honing edge tools. To use, peel off the backing and attach to a flat surface (usually a piece of float glass, not toughened or alternatively a granite block) and use with an appropriate honing guide. Use with with either light machine oil, water, WD40 or a similar lubricant. Available on a roll and in grades from 800 to 2500g.