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Our resident hand tool expert, Jason Breach, shows us how to sharpen hand tools.

You don’t sharpen hand tools for fun, but we all know sharp tools produce the best work. Thankfully, we have highly regarded woodturner and woodworking tutor Jason Breach to guide you through three of the best sharpening processes. Including our improved Rider sharpening station design.

Discover what sharpening stone you need with our buying guide:

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Richard Harvey

Very good video, with full explanation. A couple of points. The idea that a curved or rounded bevel is wrong or undesirable is an new urban myth. This was the form the old craftsmen were perfectly happy with. It has only gone out of fashion because mechanical/factory sharpeners can’t/don’t replicate it exactly, but put two distinct bevels on, rather than a continuous change from one to the other. The other is some of the rather strange pronunciations that may flummox some listeners – I was puzzled for instance by a ‘lamp stop’ (length stop) and ‘lavver’ (leather).