Pocket hole joinery is now a well accepted, very rapid method of constructing face-frames and furniture of all sorts, but the full size jig is a bit cumbersome to use in a confined space. The UJK Technology Mini Pocket Hole jig is perfect for a repair task or similar where a quick and easy fixing solution is required. Moreover, one or two of these little jigs will take up very little space in your tool box.

  • Paul Allen

    If you’re going to make a video like this it would be an idea to get the procedure correct, jig was on the wrong face entirely.

    • Rob Stoakley

      Thanks for your comment Paul and it’s appreciated. The UJK Technology Mini Pocket Hole Jig is a really great piece of kit for all sorts of uses and in hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best demonstration of it’s capabilities. None the less, I do recommend one (or even two) in your workshop!

      • Paul Allen

        Hi, as a carpenter who uses traditional methods of joinery I have yet try pocketholes, but I’m sure if Axminster were to send me a free Mini Jig to try out I could find it useful.

        Best WIshes

        Paul, a Loyal Axminster Customer and a cheeky one =D