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Sanding is often described as one of the least enjoyable tasks simply because of the time it takes. But with the right equipment and a few insightful hints, there are ways to create a superior finish in significantly less time.

1. Increase speed with extraction

Sanders work better with extraction; not only is harmful material removed, it provides a clearer line of sight resulting in a more precise finish.

2. The lighter touch

When using a random orbit sander, lighter pressure is often better. Pushing too hard can cause scratch marks; slow and steady will actually save time in the long run.

3. Quality abrasive pays for itself

Yes it costs more but the grit in a good quality abrasive is designed to sand the wood faster as well as featuring special coatings to prevent clogging.

4. Make a mark between grits

Mark the piece of wood with a pencil and simply sand away the markings. Once these have been removed you know you’re ready for the next grit. For finer grits don’t press too hard with the pencil as you only want a light marking.

5. More than one board to sand?

Clamp them together and sand as one; saving time and ensuring they’re the same width.

Safety First

Even with extraction HSE recommends using respiratory protective equipment.

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